Dr. Wang Xuehua

Former Associate Dean of the Law School of the University of International Business & Economics (UIBE), former arbitrator designated respectively by China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission and Beijing Arbitration Commission, and currently the Chairman of Beijing Huanzhong & Partners' Management Committee, Mr. Wang graduated from UIBE with a PhD of Law.

Dr. Wang is now holding the positions of the Deputy Director of the WTO Affairs Department of All China Lawyers' Association and the Director of the Anti-Dumping and Antitrust Department of Beijing Bar Association. Dr. Wang has been retained as the law professor of UIBE, University of Law and Politics of China and Qinghua University.
Dr. Wang is the founding partner of Beijing Huanzhong & Partners.

Dr. Wang's areas of focus cover
-Trade remedies:
Antidumping, countervailing and safeguard measure proceedings involving the light industrial sector, chemical industry, steel industry and food additive industry£¬etc.;

-International trade and investment:
International sales of goods regarding transaction, transportation, insurance, and payment; and as well as international investment concerning establishment, merger and acquisition, and liquidation of FIEs;

-Anti-trust and Anti-unfair competition:
A wide range of legal services to clients in the field of anti-trust and anti-unfair competition;

-Contract law:
Contracts of international sale of goods, transportation, insurance, storage, lease, agency, finance, and etc;

Represented clients in more than a hundred arbitration proceedings before the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, Beijing Arbitration Commission, International Chamber of Commerce (the places of arbitration including Stockholm, Geneva, London, Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur ), and other international centers of arbitration, such as Singapore International Arbitration Center and Hong Kong International Arbitration Center.

Besides extensive experience in practice of law, Dr. Wang also has solid theoretical knowledge. He has published many papers in the fields of international commercial law and antidumping practice. Its doctoral dissertation, ¡°A Comparison Research between Chinese and American Antidumping Laws¡±, is an important contribution to the domestic research on antidumping laws.

Awards and Rankings
Mr. Wang was accredited ¡°Beijing Top-Ten Lawyers¡± in April 1999 by Beijing Bureau of Justice, and ¡°National Outstanding Lawyer¡± by All China Lawyers Association in 2005.

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